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Let Me Love
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Текст книги "Let Me Love"

Автор книги: Michelle Lynn

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Let Me Love


Michelle Lynn

Copyright ©2014 by Michelle Lynn

All Rights Reserved, including the right to reproduce, distribute, or transmit in whole or in part by any means.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and events portrayed in this book are the product of the author’s imagination or are either fictitious or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

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Cover Design: Sommer Stein with Perfect Pear Creative Covers

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Let Me Love (The Invisibles #3, #3)

Prologue – Present Day

Chapter 1

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If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.

~Frank A. Clark

Prologue – Present Day

72 Hours Later


I stare down at my sister, dressed in her favorite red dress and matching lipstick. She’s beautiful. Her body hasn’t looked so vibrant since before the disease ate her alive. The ring on her finger, signifying the bond she held so sacred with her husband, shines under the lights, sparkling across the ceiling. Her brown hair styled in her signature bob, framing her face. Her hair was the only thing spared by the ravages of the disease. I cringe wondering if they had to fill her cheeks with some kind of filler to make her face appear full again. In those final days her skin turned almost transparent. A gaunt face with sunken cheeks had replaced the once lively and energetic sister I remembered. Seeing her like this now, I can pretend she’s sleeping and the past year has been one long nightmare. But, unfortunately, there’ll be no waking from this nightmare.

Another woman taps me on my shoulder, interrupting me from my thoughts, to offer her condolences. While she’s giving me a tight hug, I search my brain to remember if I know this person sniffling into my ear. When she pushes back, my memory kicks in; it’s my great-aunt, Marjory. I don’t think I’ve seen her since my parents’ funeral. She’s one of those family members you only reconnect with at significant family occasions, like weddings and funerals. Except this time, I can’t help but be angry that it’s my sister in the coffin, taken by a disease that could have plagued me just as easily. It should’ve claimed my life... I wish it had.

Three children scurry up to me, weaving in and out of my legs. The guilt hits me, like a hammer impacts a nail. What are these children going to do without their mother? Again, I ask God, Why he didn’t take me instead? I have no children who’ll struggle to continue their lives without me. Now these angelic kids rustle around an unfamiliar room, clueless that seventy-two hours ago their lives irrevocably changed, leaving them with hardly any family. Even though they’ve been left plenty of life insurance money, I’m not quite sure how what they’ve lost can be replaced. Twenty-three-years-old seems entirely too young to become an instant mom of three children under the age of six.

Finally, a lull happens with guests, and I take a seat on the couch that faces my sister. Just as I’m about to take a sip of my water bottle, Chloe, my five-year-old niece, hops up next to me. Being the oldest of the three she understands what’s happening the most. Although, I don’t think she can fully grasp what has really occurred. How altered her young life is, and how different it will become. I’ve lain awake with her every night since everything happened, trying to reassure her that she’s being looked after now. After countless books or movies, I’ll get her to sleep just as a nightmare will wrench her awake. Her blood curdling screams shake the house until I wrap my arms around her, rocking and soothing her back to sleep.

“Can I have a sip, Aunt Kailey?” she asks, and I hand over the full bottle. Her small hands with pink nail polish grip each side, and she swallows a quarter of the bottle. Amazed at her obvious dehydration, I try to wrack my brain if I fed them this morning. Since their grandparents were over early, I’m almost positive Caden’s mom made them breakfast. At least, I hope she did. Crap, I’m usually OCD on their schedule. Then again, I’ve had help these past months.

Chloe eventually stands up and flutters out of the room, chatting with a lot of relatives she hardly knows. Although she’s having the nightmares, during the day no one would guess anything was wrong. Her sister, Tara, runs after her. At three, Tara’s big-sister is her idol. Drew, the baby, follows close behind. Since he just learned how to walk a month ago, he’s a little slower than them. As they squeal and run through the streams of people, I notice there’s another wave of people coming towards me. People who think they’re giving me their sympathy and understanding, but it feels more like I’m comforting them rather than the other way around.

I grudgingly stand up and wait next to my sister for the mourners baring sorrowful expressions and tear-filled eyes to offer their condolences. There’s a stirring in my stomach signifying he’s arrived. Even though, my eyes remain fixed downward on the green carpeting, I know his eyes are focused solely on me. If I dare face him, I’ll break. With one look into his brown eyes, I’ll become unglued. My shattered insides are holding strong right now, but one brush of his finger could smash through my defensive wall.

The people are whizzing by me too fast, bringing him closer to me sooner than I can prepare myself. Next to me his deep voice offer sympathies to Caden’s parents, making it only a matter of seconds before he’ll be in front of me. Not able to bear seeing him, I turn around, pretending to fix the flowers with the sash stating, ‘Loving Mother’. His breath hits my neck and his hand finds my hip, fitting across the curve as though it was molded for his grip. One tear escapes my tear filled eyes and trails down my cheek before dropping to the floor. I will myself to push them back and dry the water from my eyes. Once his soft and caring voice pleas, “Kailey,” the dam breaks, and I can no longer hold all my emotions inside. I slump over with sobs escaping my mouth and tears pouring out of my eyes. He quickly turns me around and cradles my head against his broad chest. With one hand on the side of my face and his other on my back, all the built up tears I’ve been holding in for the past few days, rush out of me as the man I love holds me close.

Before I know what’s happening he’s shuttling me out the room, instructing Caden’s parents to take over. He opens a door into a private room, shutting and locking it behind us. Walking me over to a couch. Never letting go of his hold on me, he sits down on the older couch, cradling me in his lap. His strong arms are wrapped tightly around me. He holds me close as I continue to crumble, soaking his nice blue button down with my tears. He’s patient and kind, allowing me release the wave of grief that I’ve been straining to hide.

My body calms, my shutters stop, and my sobs turn to trickling tears. My finger traces his tattoos while my head lays against his chest. I should’ve predicted he’d have this effect, he’s always had a comforting presence to me. He doesn’t mention anything about our fight or me not answering his phone calls. All of our problems are pushed aside, so we can deal with the fog of death that surrounds us now.

I hurriedly stand, straightening my dress after I release myself from the comfort of Trey’s love. Following me to the door, his steps echo through the small space. He grabs my wrist to hold me in place. I sigh. “Trey, I need to get back out there,” I tell him, but he pulls me closer.

“They can wait five minutes, Kailey. Please, let me be there with you,” he begs, already knowing my heart is lost in some dark tunnel without a flicker of light. It’s wounded and broken, so my brain has taken over, translating to me pushing everyone out.

“Trey, thank you for coming, but you can leave now,” I say coldly with no emotion. He can’t be tied down with me, he needs to go and live a life I can no longer be a part of.

“No, Kailey, I’m not leaving.” He stands firm, planting his feet. Uncontrollable anger starts brewing in my veins. I’m mad he won’t listen to me and just disappear. Can’t he see it’s the best for him to forget us?

My hand rests on the lock; ready to twist it open when he steps forward. He turns me around to face him and cages me between his arms against the door. “Trey,” I argue, but he presses his lips to mine and an immediate raging desire seeps into my every pore. As much as my body screams to him, anger still lingers that he’s forcing me to be callous and cruel.

He places his hands on either side of my face, continuing to kiss me as though he’s starving for only my mouth. Instinctively, the irrational, live life in the moment Kailey that he easily pries out of me appears. Something only my sister and her family could accomplish until he came into my life. “Please,” he whispers, and my body starts to sway in his strong hold, as he travels his lips over to my earlobe and down my throat.

“Stop it, Trey, leave me alone,” I cruelly spout, placing my hands on his chest, trying to push him back, but he only grips tighter.

“You know you don’t want me to.” He trusts his keen instincts because they’re usually always right when it comes to me.

Trying to close myself off, I press my lips together when his graze across mine again before his tongue requests permission. But in the end, I’m not willing to deny myself, I open, allowing his familiar tongue to roam around my mouth and mingle with mine. The kiss feels safe and warm, like home. Ever since that fateful plane ride, I’ve felt as if Trey was a part of me. Recalling our first kiss; it was nothing like this. God! He ignited my whole body the first time his mouth pressed against mine. In those three minutes, he ruined me. No man would ever compare. But this, this is what I crave at night when I lay in bed all alone. It’s the familiarity of the one man who knows my lips, my tongue, and my body. My need of one man who continues to enjoy exploring every curve and nuance over and over again, as if he has discovered his own wonderland. When my thoughts unscramble, my lips and tongue are moving carelessly without retention of the real issue.

“Stop it, Trey.” This time, I use all my force to push him back. I’m torn if I’m happy, mad, or just sad. Sheer dejection fills his eyes, and suddenly remorse hits me. “We just can’t,” I softly say, shaking my head back and forth.

“Yes, we can,” he says, stepping forward, but I shake my head violently again. “What the hell, Kailey? All I want to do is love you,” his voice starts escalating, and I need to flee the room. His presence alone makes me jittery and uncontrolled. The sooner I leave, the sooner I can get myself stable again, back into my sealed bubble.

“I told you already, Trey.” I bite my lip, not wanting to lie again, but I will, if I have to.

“Don’t tell me that bullshit again. You and I both know it isn’t true.” He steps closer to me, and my weakness begins getting the best of me.

“Please, I need to get back out there,” I tell him, but he approaches again, pulling me to him similar to a child with their security blanket. I succumb to the haven of his embrace, mindlessly relishing the warmness of home.

“Kailey, it’s taking everything in me not to keep you right here, up against this door, until you admit you love me. I’ll let you leave this room, but don’t say you don’t love me again. I know you do, and no matter how hard you try to push me aside, I’m not leaving.” He releases me after his rant, and I unlock the door, fleeing the room.

I’m not two steps out the door before Chloe’s at my legs again. “Aunt Kailey, we’ve been looking for you,” she says, and I glance around spotting her brother and sister happily hopping on the couches while Caden’s aunt and uncle try to calm them down.

“I was—” Before I can finish she dashes past me.

“Trey!” she screams, and he scoops her up in his arms, smiling at her.

“Hey, C-lo, what’s been going on?” He raises his hand, and she gives him a high five.

“My mommy died,” she says to him, and my heartbreaks. Trey glances my way before returning his attention solely to Chloe.

“I heard, but you know what? She’s with the angels now, and you know what angels do, remember?” he asks her, and I briefly wonder if they had a previous conversation about this fateful day.

“They watch us,” she says in the most adorable voice. Clearly Trey has indeed been filling her in.

“That’s right, so where’s your mom right now?” he asks her, and she circles her arms through the air around her head.

“Right again. Your mom is around you all the time,” he reminds her, and I swallow deep, trying to keep a new set of tears at bay. Not being able to take seeing how wonderful Trey is with them anymore, I escape further into the room, cringing at the sight. It was easier when I didn’t have to observe the room of death from this angle.

When I walk through the open double doors, I feel the eyes shift in my direction, and I hear the faint whispers of guests explaining to others how I’m the aunt. When Trey follows close behind with Chloe in his arms, I swear the whispers become louder. “He’s the boyfriend. I doubt he’ll stick around. Just look at him.” I hear someone attempting to discreetly gossip to another. Rolling my eyes, I continue on my way to the front of the room and take my spot next to the casket to greet the new mourners.

As people encase their arms around me, my eyes ignore them and seek out Trey. He’s seated on the floor in the back of the room with the three kids. Drew sits in his lap while Chloe and Tara listen attentively to what he’s saying. Then they burst into a fit of laughter and Trey shushes them, pressing his hands down in the air, signaling to calm down, barely able to conceal his own chuckles. His smile catches me off guard, and my lips turn up at seeing the kids so happy. I don’t know why I expected any less; Trey has been good with them ever since the first day.

“I’m so sorry, Kailey,” a soft voice pulls me back to the waiting line. When my eyes shift, I notice Sadie and Brady waiting to hug me. Sadie’s warm arms wrap around me, and I almost lose my composure. If I hadn’t just cried a river with Trey moments ago, I would’ve been crying in her arms immediately. Brady’s next. He hugs me, telling me how sorry he is and if there’s anything I need, to let them know. I watch them make their way to the back of the room to join Trey and the kids, until I’m tapped on the shoulder by Jessa.

All I can catch is her small smile before her body pushes hard against me. “I’m sorry, Kailey,” she whispers, holding me so tight she restricts my breathing capacity. Grant chuckles lightly before gently pulling a very empathetic Jessa off of me. She quickly wipes her eyes attempting to conceal her obvious emotions. “I’m sorry, these damn hormones,” she remarks, playfully glaring at Grant. She looks so cute with her short, now brown hair. Her giggle is infectious, and soon I start. “Oh, I’m sorry, Kailey. I shouldn’t have made a joke,” she tells me, clearly concerned.

“Oh please, a little humor right now feels good,” I admit, and it honestly does. Caden’s parents disgustingly glance my way, but I could care less what they think. These are my friends, and they’ve been there for me during this whole ordeal. Where were they when we needed them most? Nowhere to be seen that’s for sure.

“I’m glad I could bring a smile to your face, but, Kailey, if there’s anything—” she continues, but I quickly interrupt her.

“I know. I will, Jessa.” I place my hand on her forearm reassuring her that I’ll call if I need her, but the truth is I won’t. She and Grant have enough on their plates right now. She nods her head, genuinely hoping I will, and then Grant comes up and gives me a more relaxed hug than Jessa’s. Thinking how this whole scene must be bringing back awful memories for him, my own empathy sets in. As they walk down the narrow aisle between the chairs and wall, Jessa wraps her arm around his waist, forcing him to look down at her. She gives him a sympathetic smile, and he tugs her closer before they join the others in the back of the room. When I turn to find the next guest, Dex is patiently waiting.

Dex hugs and kisses my cheek. I’m thrown off when he whispers, “You’re making this harder on the both of you.” Then he grasps both my upper arms in his hands, staring down at me. “Kailey, you need him, and he needs you. Let him take care of you.” His blue eyes search my face for some sort of sign that he’s gotten through to me, but I hate to admit it, no one will. My decision is made, and it’s the best for both of us. One day they will all see that. Frustrated from trying to convince me, he finally relents. “Just think about it.” Before I can respond with another polite decline, he’s already walking away. His consistent calling and texting since I broke it off with Trey has started to become a norm in my life. As desperate as he’s attempting to get us back together, one would never imagine he was in competition with Trey for my attention when we all first met.

My eyes focus on the small group of friends in the back of the room, playing with my nieces and nephew. Six months ago, I didn’t know any of them, and now, they’re my best friends. Watching Brady throw Drew up in the air before catching him while Sadie keeps insisting he stops, makes me wish I was them. A desperate need to be the one who didn’t just lose everything in their life consumes my thoughts.

Trey’s huddled in a group with his best friends, but his gaze finds me across the room for the millionth time. Clasping Brady on the shoulder, he turns my way. My stomach lurches when he starts to make his way over. God, the man is gorgeous. His tattoos only add to his hotness appeal. Tonight, even dressed in slacks and a button down, his ink still peeks out from his rolled up sleeves and neckline. That crooked smile he’s throwing my way, knowing I’m mentally drooling over him, is enough to create a need so desperate for him within me that I’d allow him to take me into the back room and forget everything.

The memory of that night, when I had no choice but to end it crashes to the forefront of my mind. The hurt in his eyes when I told him I didn’t love him. How he crumbled in front of me, begging me not to do this to him—to us. Watching him in the rearview mirror as I drove away. Him standing in the street, watching my taillights disappear is just as gut wrenching now as when it happened. Tears that stung my eyes and the hysterical sobs that wailed out of me, aware that I just lied to the only man I would ever love.

Chapter 1

Six Months Ago


God, I’m already annoyed with these guys. Between Brady and Sadie’s constant love fest and Grant and Jessa’s newfound lust, I’m ready to retch in every trashcan we pass down the corridor. Why did I sign up for this little spring break outing anyway? Oh yeah—the snow bunnies. I can imagine all the little hotties needing me to warm them up after a day on the slopes. Tossing my duffle on the floor, I slump into the seat across from Hulk, also known as Dex. We nicknamed him Hulk our freshman year, not only because of his size but his sudden outbursts that would get us all using a first aid kit after a night out. He doesn’t do himself any favors by wearing the tight ass t-shirts that show off every muscle in his torso. He peers at me over the top of his Men’s Health magazine, smirking. I shoot him a confused look, and his eyes shift to the right. Following his signal, I spot the smokin’ hot piece of ass at the end of the row.

I raise my gaze to look at her face, but her head is down, focusing on an iPad, and her body is already in a defensive stance, making it known to every male within a twenty-foot perimeter to stay the fuck away. Although the thrill of the chase entices me, I’ll let Dex have this one. I still owe him from two nights ago, when I snuck in and took that redhead home after he went to the bathroom. Hey, it wasn’t like he didn’t already have three other girls chomping at the bit anyway. I’m pretty sure when I ran into the cute blonde with the huge rack leaving the house the next morning, he’d forgiven me.

I give Dex the nod, telling him to go for it, and stand up to go take a piss. I hate those airplane bathrooms. They’re so small and cramped. Not to mention, I’m always a tiny bit scared the plane will crash while I’m in there. I’ll be found with my pants around my ankles in the bottom of an ocean, and then the sharks– Shit! I’m not going to think about that. On my way to the bathroom, a cute strawberry blonde behind the counter at the gift shop catches my eye. She’s clearly giving me those fuck me eyes I’m familiar with, so I change directions and make a straight line in her direction.

I slyly act interested at a few magazines before grabbing Maxim. Tossing it on the counter, I give her a flirtatious smirk. I’d use a line, but from the way her eyes are currently roaming my body, no need to waste one.

“Hey.” I place a ten-dollar bill on the magazine, but she pushes it back to me and takes the magazine. After digging around in a drawer, she pulls out a black marker and writes something on the back page.

Handing the magazine back to me, she says, “It’s on me.” She slowly moves her tongue over her top lip and winks at me. Shit, she’s good. I’m already throbbing.

“Thanks.” I shift slightly to re-adjust myself.

“No problem,” she replies, leaning forward against the counter, pressing those nice tits together, giving me the perfect view. My hands twitch thinking about manipulating those C cups. “Check out the last page, there’s some really good information there.”

I glance at my watch, and then back at her to read her nametag. “Kim, I’ve only got twenty minutes before my flight.”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll meet you in three.” She shoos me with her hand, and another young girl walks in. I venture out of the store, flipping to the last page. In big black marker, ‘My tits want your mouth. Door in the back. Three minutes.’ Thank the fucking lord! This is just what I need, a good fuck to relax me before hopping on that death trap they call a plane.

Exactly three minutes later, I walk back in the store, winking at the new girl behind the counter. She smirks up at me, as I continue my way to the back door. I knock softly and peer side to side to make sure no one is watching. The door opens slightly, and I snake through the small opening, closing it behind me. After I lock it, she pushes me against the door, her hands already undoing my belt. Before I can even kiss her, she’s pushing my pants down and falls to her knees. Holy Shit! She immediately descends on me, taking all of me deep down her throat. I place my hands on her head to keep her right where I want her. After only a few more strokes of her mouth, she’s back in my face, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. As much as my dick is enjoying the whole take charge thing this girl has going on, I’m a bit bored with her eagerness.

I firmly place my hands on her ass and hoist her up to me. Her skirt wraps around her waist, and I dig the condom I snuck in my pocket a few seconds ago. She takes it out of my hand and tears it open with her teeth. Quickly, I pluck it from her hands and roll it down on myself before, pushing her thong to the side and thrusting myself deep. She hollers out, so I cover her mouth. Partly because I don’t want people to hear us, and a small part of me doesn’t want her to feel like she could kiss me again. This is what it is, a good fuck in a storage room, and I’m not about to confuse it with anything intimate.

Her arms wrap around my neck, and, soon, she’s bucking against me as I’m pounding into her. Taking my hand away from her mouth, I pull out a tit and grab the nipple with my teeth. She moans loudly when I suck it into my mouth, so I place my free hand over her mouth again, and she bites my palm. Shit, I bet she’s got a torture fetish! Just as I’m sucking on her tit and my cock is fucking her hard, her muffled groans inch louder and she clenches against me. Slowly relaxing in my arms, I give her no time to recover before I let go of her hips and her feet fall to the floor. Bending her over a chair, I push my dick back into her wetness, wrapping my arms around her body and gripping onto her tits as leverage. Thrusting in and out, I shove deeper each time until that feeling I love hits me and everything else in the world is gone and only pure pleasure is left. Before I’m about to blow, I pull out fast and rest my condom-covered cock on her back until it all pumps out.

Then I step back and roll the condom off, knotting it tight and clench it in my fist. She reaches over, and I squint to the bright light she flipped on. After pulling up my pants, I tell her it was good, and she reciprocates the mutual casual sexual encounter politeness. It’s nice she has no expectations from this little rendezvous. Clasping the used condom in my hand, I don’t kiss her or get her number. Just a shared smile before I escape from the awkward aftermath.

I conduct my normal routine, finding the bathroom and checking the condom for any holes or tears over the toilet and then watch the fucker swirl its way down. When I’m out washing my hands, I’m surprised to find Brady standing next to me.

“Where the hell have you been?” he asks. After my smirk, laughter erupts from him and he shakes his head. “Do you go anywhere and not get laid?”

“Honestly—no. You’re missing out, since you’ve got that whole one girl thing going on.” I raise my eyebrows at him through the reflection of the mirror. I’m not completely against the monogamy thing, it’s just I’m always on the fucked up side of it.

“Oh, that’s where you’re wrong. You’re the one missing out.” Brady clasps his hand on my shoulder, giving it a small squeeze, before leaving me in the bathroom.

I walk out of the men’s room and back to our gate, where Brady and Sadie are holding hands next to each other, and Jessa’s relaxing in Grant’s arms. They each smile wide at me as I walk by content in their little love bubbles. But they know they’re jealous that I can fuck anything that saunters by while they’re praying every night their girl gives it up. Smiling, I notice Dex has made his move, since he’s now sitting next the hottie from earlier. He must be making his mark because the girl seems receptive, her iPad is now tucked away and she’s turned toward him, which is always a good sign.

I slouch down in the seat furthest from everyone and thumb through my phone, waiting for our flight to be called. That fast fuck did nothing to satisfy me. Don’t get me wrong, she met my criteria; hot, wet, and willing, but I really hope those Colorado girls know how to show me a good time! Jessa said her sister was coming back from college...maybe. Shit, NO WAY! Jessa would kill me, and she’d have every right to.

Our flight is finally announced, and I rise to my feet fast, slinging my bag over my shoulder. After getting no sleep and exhausting myself with... Fuck, what was her name again? Tina? Kate? Oh yeah, Kim. Anyway, Dex better not bother me, I’m in desperate need for recouping.

I don’t bother waiting for all the lovebirds. Instead, I walk right up to the airline clerk and hand her my ticket. Once I walk through the small doorframe, the cute flight attendant gives me a blatant appreciating once over with her eyes, and for the first time in forever, I could give a shit. All I need from her is one of those small ass pillows and itchy blanket. Since I’m one of the first in our section, the overheads are nearly empty. Grabbing my ear buds, I toss my bag in the small compartment and fall into my seat. I wiggle my body to get as comfortable as possible in the hard seats. Adjusting the air nozzle, I spot Dex and that girl coming my way.

She stops right in front of our row and tilts her head while raising her eyebrows at me. I sit there looking back at her, waiting for her to say something when I notice her gorgeous green eyes with a yellowish gold ringing around her pupils. They’re alluring and intriguing, pulling me into a foreign abyss. I desperately beg myself to stop staring, but my eyes won’t allow me. “Um...this is me,” her clipped disgruntled voice muttering to herself pulls me away, and Dex chuckles. As she takes her seat she huffs out an irritated breath while my eyes focus on her body sliding in next to me. After she takes her seat, I notice her peering over in my direction out from the corner of her eyes. Dex sits down next to her in the seat closest to the aisle, and I’m about to do the biggest jackass move of all time. “I’m Trey.” I hold out my hand, and her slim fingers wrap around my palm.

“Kailey,” she says in a much nicer tone than she used with me previously. “I like the plugs,” she compliments me, and I’m pretty sure I could point out about twenty things to compliment her on, but Dex’s eyes are currently boring into me. Shit, I should ignore her. I already told Dex he had full reign.

“Thanks, I like your...your eyes,” the words sputter out of my mouth before I realize what a fucking cheesy line I used.

She laughs the most nervous giggle, and I watch her eyes focus on my mouth when I drag my lower lip with my stud piercing through my teeth before releasing it. Yep, she wants me. As crappy as I feel for what I’m about to do to Dex, it’s out of my control. I’m not about to throw away the first girl to peak my interest beyond a quick fuck since high school.

The flight attendant gets on the overhead and starts talking about the mask and the seat cushion. Kailey grabs the laminated card from the back of the seat in front of her and appears to be studying it. This is my sign to let Dex know, I’m in and he’s out. I give him my silent nod with a little wink. He narrows his eyes with a short shake of his own head. I guess he’s in the mood for some friendly competition. Anyone can see why she’s worth the fight, her body is killer. But as much as I want to bite my tongue thinking this, I can tell she’s more than a one-time fuck. There’s something about this girl, but the hell if I can explain it.

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