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  • 8 октября 2016, 16:26
скачать книгу Night Night, Sleep Tight автора Hallie Ephron

Жанр(ы): Триллеры, Крутой детектив

From the award-winning author of There Was an Old Woman comes a mystery tinged with Hollywood glamour, set in a town where fame and infamy are often interchangeableLos Angeles, 1985. When Deirdre Unger...

  • Просмотров: 152
  • 20 сентября 2016, 19:33
скачать книгу There was an old woman автора Hallie Ephron

Жанр(ы): Триллеры

Don't let him in until I'm gone." That's what Evie's mother whispers as the EMTs are whisking her away to the hospital. When Evie arrives to look after the house in her mother's absence, she's shocked...

  • Просмотров: 159

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