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The Blonde And The African God
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Текст книги "The Blonde And The African God"

Автор книги: Олег Рыбаченко

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  "Why?" Write a book about me! That would be interesting!

  Tom nodded to the Gladiator girl:

  "I think it would be very interesting."

  Albina finished her ice cream. She slapped faster. Large figures-blonde and black – attracted attention, but joking and booing them feared. Albina's muscles are very convincing, and Tom is almost a hundredweight and a half of powerful muscles.

  You can't joke about that.

  The black hero continued to scribble his work. Albina tried to find the surface as sharp as possible. She imagined herself the Joan of Arc, the Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. This, however, is not so cool.

  Girl has presented itself, to such a it the most pee. For example, AI in which, for example, the February revolution did not happen and Russia, having won the first world war, annexed Constantinople.

  And here are the balls in Constantinople. Music plays, princesses dance. And next to them half-naked, barefoot girls.

  And roses fall from the ceiling. So nice and warm in Constantinople. And Tsar Nicholas moves his residence there. There the great Emperor passes a law on polygamy. And marry a Turkish woman. And she gives him an heir. Who replaces the sick Alexei.

  Yes it would be good to have a harem Paradise for the body!

  They approached the kebab shop. Albina ordered ten skewers at once. Well, for big guys like him and Tom, it's not much. The meat was pork and lamb in sauce and garlic.

  The girl ate slowly, slowly worked his jaws are African.

  Albina asked him:

  – What do you think that in the future people waiting for?

   Tom answered sincerely:

  – If not unite people, then nothing good! We can destroy ourselves!

  Blonde girl expressed an opinion:

  – Yes we need unity! But how? There was a chance for unity in communism, but the USSR collapsed. And now humanity is more fragmented than ever!

  Tom said logically:

  – The selfishness in this matter! Our common problem!

  Albina noticed as she chewed the meat:

  – I don't remember the times of communism, but people said that it was not too good! On the one hand, prices have not changed for twenty years, on the other hand, there was even a shortage of liver sausage. So it was a double-edged sword!

  The African noticed:

  – In comparison with us, under the USSR people lived still richly! However, the deficit was bananas! Wow!

  Tom gave a whistle, and spread his hands.

  Albina with some doubt noticed:

  – Bananas? This is actually the great thing that the soldiers eat! Here now to meat and bananas!

  And girl made made to order. Tom didn't give up bananas either. He didn't mind what the female ordered. But he is the son of Africa. And he has his own ideas.

  Albina ate meat with bananas and continued.:

  – But do not live by bread alone man! Under the Communists, life was really boring! There were no alternative elections or televised debates. Nor show. – I would've kept Has sighed and have observed. – And now, too, as something hypocrisy, not so interestingly. Here is want, to elections passed more often with unpredictable outcome!

  Tom said logically:

  – In my country, every two years the power changes, and what? The essence remains the same. And sometimes the old leaders come back! There is no, change power sometimes need a and even helpful, but when this often there is and their cons!

  Albina nodded and chewed a banana. She ate the meat and whistled. Then she picked up the meat skewer and threw it on her feet. And barefoot fingers has become his bend. Making a complex figure.

  Tom ate with one hand while he typed with the other. Albina was curious. And she typed in Athos: Tom Lincoln. In addition, of course, the name of Abraham Lincoln appeared and the name of the surname of Tom.

  Yes, black is already well written short stories and novels. It was different.

  Albina decided something to read. Here's one of the AI's. Alexander the Third managed to avoid a train crash near Kharkov, thanks to his new girlfriend. Of course popdance with the twenty-first century Natasha sermon. Girl acquired a large influence on Alexander.

  And persuaded him to carry out many reforms. Including the introduction of polygamy. A strong autocratic Tsar did it! And Natasha became his second wife.

  Of course there was a war with Japan, as well without it. But already victorious. And Russia carried out expansion of China.

  Of course, as always popdance just a genius, everything turns out all right! And one victory after another! Including Alexander the Third and the first world with Shine and small blood won. And as not win, if have him and tanks, planes, and helicopters!

  Albina drew attention, that in narrative many bed scenes-, too, pop music.

  Albina read very quickly. Went through another popadenko: girl in the time of Spartacus. Also such a cheap, but popular idea. And plenty of pretty girls in the slave army. And with scenes of torture.

  Albina looked through Tom's work with a condescending smile. Stories in a large number of Pro popadantsev mostly female. Yes fashionable this theme for small Newspapers, magazines, sites and other things.

  Tom was paid, so he wrote. Earned some pennies.

  And need to be noted wrote well. Albina noted that it was quite fascinating.

  Here is fanfire about Conan the barbarian, or Naruto. That's what a black warrior can't take away. And they pay him.

  Albina stopped browsing the Internet and asked Tom:

  "Do you want to be king yourself?"

  The black warrior replied with a smile:

  "Sometimes I've thought about it... You can do a lot of good with the power to do it!"

  Albina said with a sad look:

  "But all empires were in decline!"

  Tom nodded and noticed:

  – Life flows and everything changes... much, however, depends on the case. If there had not been a coup in Russia in February of the seventeenth, maybe the Empire would still be!

  Albina remarked with a smile:

  "Accident?" Yes as with Alexander the Third. Such a king could have lasted seventy years or more!

  Tom said to himself with a sigh:

  – Honestly, I'm tired of these popdance! But magazines require! And pay for it! They like this genre!

  Tom jabbed his fingers several times and grunted:

   Well, the story all ready! You can send!

  Albina was surprised:

  "No editing?"

  Tom answered with a smile:

  "I don't need that!" I write without mistakes!

  Albina whistled:

  – Cool! Soon you will break Dumas ' record!

  Tom answered sincerely:

  "I hope so." I don't have many novels, though. However, here wrote one, too pretty conjuncture, but for me to admit interesting. In March 1943, Hitler is assassinated, and Goering inherits. He's cracking down on Himmler, Goebbels, Bormann, and repealing anti-Semitic laws.

  The allies conclude a truce with Germany, and exchange prisoners. Quite an interesting alternative.

  Albina whistled:

  – Class! With popadantsami!

  Tom nodded:

  – Not without it, but in this case they do not influence the course of history! Purely to show the second world war itself. To be honest, I'm interested in it myself. In particular would have won or not the Soviet troops Wehrmacht without the help of the allies!

  Albina expressed an opinion:

  "What's the big difference?"

  Tom nodded his black, curly head:

  – Significant. Especially in aviation. Plus, there's the issue of weapons. Massive bombing it significantly reduced. So not too here you will be able to accelerate. And supplies under lend-lease. On average, the Wehrmacht became a third stronger, and the Red army twenty percent weaker. The skillful command, the Nazis were there are some chances to win!

  Albina grunted:

  "Well, maybe... but it's an Amateur novel." And can whether you to tell any poems, Pro love?

  Tom said eagerly:

  "Of course! You can listen!

  Albina nodded:

  "With pleasure."

  Tom took it and began to chant;

  I will devote to the Motherland without a trace,

  Let there be a feat, military ascended!

  The blow of the sword and the gauntlet,

  A ruthless king over the land of the law!

  The volcano is burning – boiling water,

  Love my amber lips!

  I want a moment of freedom,

  How airy and pure you are!

  Burns as gold hair precious,

  He waved his hands – a wing grew!

  God gave me a gift that was priceless,

  And became immediately happily, light!

  Where God passed: there grew a valley,

  Blooming, lush white roses!

  There will be honor – worlds of all the middle,

  A gift on the altar that I offered!

  Yes, I know, sinful, is associated with witchcraft,

  And not worthy heavenly tabernacles and thickets!

  But at Calvary with Christ,

  I sobbed, wrapping the icon in a cloak!

  My you the best image all brides,

  The Almighty believe, spirit will transform!

  I will take up your is not worthy of the cross,

  And pick up the fallen from the hands of the shield!

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