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Wounded Beast - Georgia Le Carre
  • Книга добавлена: 15 октября 2016, 00:20
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Название книги: Wounded Beast

Автор книги:

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Язык книги: русский
Год издания: 2015
Размер: 117 Кб
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Описание книги

Dom's story.Book 2 in the standalone sequel to the Crystal Jake series. This is the second of a trio of books in the Gypsy Heroes series.Ella SavageTax collecting is my profession. And I'm good at it. Dominic Eden is my next target, a magnificent male specimen for sure, but to me, he's just another tax dodging crook.I wasn't prepared for our face to face. For the complicated beast that he is. Too late. Now he's got under my skin.Will I win, or will I be ruined, and end up as just another notch on this dominant Alpha's bedpost?Dominic EdenI'm a hot blooded gypsy. Shaped by my terrible past, I take what I want when I want.Physical, anytime, babe, but get too close, and I'll simply walk away. Then life throws me an unexpected challenge. I can't deny it - I want that sexy tax inspector. She's provocative, she's confident and she thinks she's got the upper hand.That'll soon change, when I get her in my bed ... when I've won our little tangle.

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