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The teacher
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Текст книги "The teacher"

Автор книги: Ksenia Nikitina




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Part X

Tom picked her up at three, as promised. He didn't want to go inside, so Tom got out of the car, admiring the view.

«This is a village….»

«Like it?» Isaac asked with a smile, leaning out of the window.

«This is the worst place you can imagine. Disgusting!»

A distant village, fields, meadows, vegetables, fruits – and no smog. It is quiet, peaceful and, it seems, even cosy. Finally, Lily left the house. Tom turned at the creak of the door and froze. Before that, he had seen a clumsy but pretty girl in an old University uniform and scuffed boots. She looked like a child whose mother doesn't take good care of her. Now the ugly duckling has been replaced by a wonderful Swan. All her beauty and tenderness were hidden under the worn-out rags and the weight of unfeminine work, weighed down by hard study. She was wearing a straight cream dress with a low waist and a short train that only reached her knees. Judging by its softness and lightness, the silk is decorated with lace. Tights on slender legs and pumps with lots of rhinestones. Makeup and short-cropped hair are very good. She came closer, and Tom swam at last, seeing her childish and so wonderfully beautiful. Lily pouted a little, saying that she was still resentful of him and a little angry. Shulman put her in the car, where a bouquet of flowers was waiting for her.

«Flowers?» She smiled, holding up the white roses that pricked her with their thorns, and piped, «Did you happen to be struck by lightning today?»

«You're still clumsy…» Tom said, paying more attention to the pricked finger that was gushing blood.

Lily's breathing was uneven, so he was doing everything right.

«Can we kiss? You're beautiful.» Thomas asked defiantly, moving closer to her lips.

Lily pushed him away, her eyes flashing coquettishly, seeking first apology, then remorse, and finally submission.

«Forgive me, naughty creature, for raising my voice one tone, right? Lily laughed, pushed Tom away, and put her hands on His chest, but he wrapped his arms around her waist, leaving a submission, «What the fuck are you looking at, pervert?»

Shulman looked in the mirror at the driver, who glanced at them from time to time.

«Wait until we start making babies here and you can get your dick out, huh?»

Thomas forgot who he was with, released his Jewish and boorish guts, burying his «true» self again.

«Shame on you, Mr. Shulman. Now it's my turn to hit you with a ruler?» Lily laughed, squirming from his kisses on her neck, which tickled rather than aroused her and Tom.

«Now I'll show you the ruler!»»

She laughed at everything, smiled and laughed heartily, and it wasn't until she went to College that Thomas realized she was pretty.

«Hey! Where have you been drinking, girl?!» Thomas was surprised to smell alcohol on Lily's breath.

She stuck her tongue out at him and then breathed in his face to prove otherwise. The smell of her favourite Apple caramels and the faintest hint of brandy, damn brandy.

«I'm completely sober ,Tommy,» she said, straightening her dress and getting out of the car.

«Yes, I see! Where did you drink it? With whom? Can I come with you?» Tom wanted to go to a party and then take her to some nice place where they would celebrate their graduation.

«No, you'll scare all the guys away!» Lily gave Thomas a quick peck on the cheek and flew away, merging with a group of equally wild students, now graduates.

«What does it mean to scare off guys? What the fuck?» He asked himself as he paced the corridors of the bar, making comments to every waiter he met, glancing at the slowly ticking clock, then returning it to his jacket pocket.

Here it is, the return of a woman, and the wind in a young head. A week ago, she had ridden it after the exam, and today Thomas was already a Scarecrow. When did it become «bring and serve»? The feeling of being cheated was overwhelming. Shulman didn't know if it was annoyance or resentment, but something gnawed at him and made him very angry, maybe jealousy? Stupid feelings that for the first time he couldn't explain to himself, no matter how hard he tried.He had promised to pick her up at eight and bring her home at nine-thirty, but the body had disappeared before that. They arrived at the small cafe after seven.

«So, give or take half an hour of nonsense, Yes,» Thomas croaked to the driver, «Go get Lily, and now» he waved a hand at the pub, «Don't scare the girls there, big guy!»

Tom got out of the car, put on his glasses, and looked around the cafe, the most complete the world had ever seen. A few seconds later, Isaac returned with nothing, or rather no one, with open arms.

«Not pass. She says she has half an hour left.»

Thomas scratched his reddened ear in anger.

Shulman went to the cafe. The smell of cheap booze, or rather, fucking methyl alcohol and sleeping pills dissolved in it, immediately hit him in the nose. The damned Turks didn't hesitate to poison the English with methylated spirits and pills, just to fuck as many women as possible. These freaks were rarely given credit for their lousy nature-hypocrisy. A quarter of the poor and even well-to-do ladies gave themselves up to these bug-eyed degenerates, and then these half-baked gentlemen trumpeted all over good old England English women were whores.Thomas ran to the table where Lily was sitting. She raised a clean glass of drink to her lips and smiled cheerfully at her friends, who were sitting with their boys, who were old enough. They were still like children to Thomas, just as Lily had been when she was a little girl. Loud laughter, the hum and noise of adult girls drinking the wrong things to drink in their twenties. As he approached, Tom strained his eyes to read the name on the label: «Tenebre» which literally meant «dark». That's what they pumped up insatiable young men, and then fucked them and threw them into ravines with mutilated bodies. Nothing could be more stupid .Tom moved closer, closer to Lily, who took a small SIP when she saw him, and then he knocked the glass out of her slender fingers with his fist, which shattered on the tile floor. She rose from her seat. Thomas was a little surprised that he didn't break her front teeth with a blow, grabbing her arm and pulling her out from behind the table.

«What's the matter, Tommy? Another half hour! Stop it!» she exclaimed, pulling her hand out of his grasp.

«You want to get drunk and beat up?» Thomas was persistent, pushing Lily to the side.

Suddenly the boy, who was sitting by the window, felt sick and collapsed on the same floor as the glass, choking on a thick foam that hissed from his mouth. Lily jumped up to him, turning sideways. Tom slid to the door, hobbled quickly to the car, and pulled a bottle of whiskey out of the box in the passenger compartment. Shouts, screams, noises, and screams merged into one, creating a tense atmosphere.

«Lift his head!» Tom ordered the girl, who lifted the boy by the back of the head, allowing him to pour the alcohol down his throat.

«Come on, kid…» Shulman hissed, «Swallow this stuff!»

The guy choked, coughed, and nearly threw up on his pants, but Thomas got up in time to look at the people who were looking at him .This guy only survived because of the pure alcohol in the whiskey-a kind of antidote-and luck. Shulman put the bottle on the table and ran a finger along the neck.

«Everyone take a SIP, or you'll have a chance to say “Hello” to your ancestors,» he said, waving a hand in mock greeting, then headed for the door, nudging Lily with his elbow.

The graduate was silent all the way home, taking small SIPS of whiskey from a new bottle, looking out the window and sulking now at herself. When they arrived, she was very drunk and broke the silence.

«Do you want to stay the night?» Lily Asked.

«Do I look like a person who wants to become a castrate? Your father will cut off my balls without saying anything, right?»

«He's not home! He won't be back until Tuesday,» she said, opening the car door.

Thomas had forgotten that he had sent the half-wit and his long, clumsy sons to Liverpool to arrange delivery. Thomas and Lily entered the house, the familiar living room by the light of the moon, which periodically disappeared behind clouds; up the stairs, wide and steep, which Tom followed exactly behind, so as not to creak the rotten wood, almost groping his way .A narrow hallway, two bedrooms, but they went up another flight of stairs, trying not to make any noise. At last they reached the converted attic, passed through a massive door, and were inside. Lily turned on the night light and collapsed on the bed.

«Do you look like a Princess who lives on top of a tower?» Thomas asked, looking at the painted Wallpaper, the bookshelves, the small Desk, a few photographs, and the square window with yellow curtains. The dim light of the nightlight warmed the air.

If Lily hadn't pulled her dress out from behind the wardrobe, he would have felt uncomfortable in such a small room.

«Tommy, open the window.»

He lifted the frame, barely able to hold the rusty and bent nail, and returned to Lily, but she was already sitting in her grey pyjamas, braiding her hair.

«Why do cafe owners sell methyl alcohol?»

«Because it's a business.»

Tom didn't lie, but he didn't give away his origin either. She didn't need to hear it, especially before going to bed.

«Why did you drink at all, Lily, even such questionable alcohol?» she asked, losing her composure and taking off her jacket.

«I'm having a ball, in case you haven't noticed, Tommy! And I'm not a sommelier,» she snapped, pulling the blanket over her legs as Thomas took off his jacket.

«I didn't notice because you didn't take me with you!» He said, pointing at the girl.

Lily's drunken tongue was doubly rude to him.

«Do you think it's normal to sit with… A teacher?!» Lily spread her hands.

«Old, I understand.»

«I mean, with an adult, Tommy!» Lily was angry.

He grunted, unable to control the button on his trousers that wouldn't fit in the loop. And obviously, she was just shy of him .Lily got up from her seat, went to the Jew who was kneeling, undid a button, and looked up at him.

«What are you up to, huh?»

Lily snorted, returned to her seat, and moved to the walls. He took off his shirt, threw it on the same chair where his trousers and socks had fallen, and lay down next to the girl in her underwear. Lily studied his body with interest, running her hungry gaze over his chest, touching the muscles of his arms, squeezing them until they were white, feeling the veins swell from the constant lifting of weights .

«So … why did you invite me?» Tom was joking when he got bitten on the shoulder for it.

«I told you so! You're just biting me, aren't you, dear?»

Lily stared at Thomas with unnecessary swagger, her eyes clouded, and she pulled up her pyjama shirt to show off her charms .Thomas looked down at her rounded Breasts.

«Stop it, Lily!» Tom was annoyed, knowing that nothing would fall, it wasn't kosher, it was fucking «Put your shirt down and lie down» he pulled the fabric down, «You've had three SIPS and you're acting like a seasoned whore, not a Jewish girl!»

«Because I'm English and have Russian roots!» She turned her face to the wall, thinking of what Tom had said: «Are you forcing me» she grimaced, trying to find a word, «To be a part of your faith? Was it a rite of passage??? Oh, no!» She screamed, and Shulman put her hand over her mouth so that she wouldn't Wake the whole house.

He leaned toward her, his lips tightening slightly «don't yell like that, do you understand?»

She blinked, and the man took his hand away when he heard that he was Judas, and how he believed in Judas, and how she believed in Jesus, and how he betrayed him, and all that stuff.

«Your Judas is a Jew! I don't want to believe in this traitor!»

«Jesus, the sun, was also a Jew,» Thomas chuckled. «you must read the Bible from beginning to end.»

The Jew spent half an hour trying to explain to her that she was just confusing terms and names, misrepresenting Jews in a bad light.

«We all walk under the same God, the Creator, right?»

Tom told her a favourite and Great parable, filling her young and naive ears with infused urine that allowed her brain to start turning the other way. Thomas had a certain gift of persuasion.

«What a speaker you are, Tommy! Go and stand on the podium!» she bit him once or twice, but her ears were already hanging down, so it was too late to roll them up.

So they lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, arguing about who would turn off the night light, pulling off each other's short blanket. In the end, she simply threw Thomas off the bed with her feet, and he fell on his back, propping himself up with his hands.

«And you know how to handle men!»

Part XI

A few weeks later

Friday afternoon in the East End was a pleasant day with warm weather and a pleasant breeze. A large multi-purpose hospital sprawled along the main street, taking up a decent area. A two-story old building with white Windows and a beautiful sign at the entrance – a haven for people who are sick or injured by their own greed and betrayal of the «higher» world.The best appliances, new tools, snow-white gowns and patients with a silver spoon in their mouths – welcome to St. Raphael's hospital.Thomas and his «entourage» crossed the threshold of the gynaecological chair. The dark-haired man took off his thin felt hat and mechanically straightened his hair, as always clean and fresh. Grey eyes darted from wall to wall, painted beige, with large Windows looking out over the forest. Shulman became the focus of attention of pregnant, young and elderly women. Statuesque, tall, broad – shouldered, in a pressed three-piece suit, sparkling oxfords and a white shirt, he looked like a woman's dream. Such an imposing gentleman could turn the head of any girl, but as soon as he opened his mouth, the demonic essence slipped away, scaring the beautiful half of humanity. His full, pursed lips were visible under a thick but well-groomed beard that he cut weekly at a Barber he knew. All of this indicated that the male hormones were surging through him. Probably, no one could have imagined that this hero had a gun in his belt, loaded, but not cocked, for the time being. Tom opened the door without knocking, stormed into the Manager's office as if it were his home or a shared toilet in a restaurant, and looked around the room. Whitewashed walls, a Desk, stacks of maps, a couch, and a new midwife's chair, the sight of which caused the Jew a slight revulsion. Finally, when he saw his classmate sitting at the table, Shulman smiled haughtily.

«I'll sit right here, okay?» He was wheezing, leaning back in his chair, rubbing his leg.

«Thomas?!» A thirty-six-year-old man with small blue eyes and straight jet-black hair exclaimed, holding out his hand. «Thomas Shulman! How many years?»

«Zachariah Shmael-grew up, got stronger, and finally lost his virginity by marrying his second cousin?» Thomas joked about a childhood friend with whom he often played in the yard, got into a fight for the first time, and accidentally stole a girlfriend at the prom.

«With my cousin, Thomas, my cousin. Calm down.»

Shulman looked at the wedding ring on his friend's ring finger without envy.

«What about you? Added to the Jewish family?»

«Does my happy face show that this is not the case?» Tom muttered wanting to get down to business.

Zachariah listened intently, crossing his arms over his chest.

«My girlfriend is looking for a job. Well, you know what's in your industry, okay?»

Schmael nodded, demanding more and more details.

«This girl is the goddess of Ilithyia in the flesh. She killed the «midwife's hand» I have a desire to have promiscuous relationships and eat cottage cheese. The girl is an excellent student, but not in life, but in her profession. She'll help you give birth blindfolded, sitting upside down on the toilet, you know? She fixed a woman's uterus during a fucking delivery with a sandwich in her mouth, didn't she?»

Zachariah laughed heartily, rubbing his left eye and showing his white teeth.

«I know what you're getting at, Tom, but it doesn't depend directly on me.»

«Yes, stop lying, she has a talent,» Shulman said, leaning back in his chair and picking up the midwife's mirror.

«Well, let him come with his diploma and papers tomorrow, about ten o'clock. Let's look at your excellent student!»

Thomas slipped down the hall to the phone, dialled a familiar number, and waited for the soft ring. Finally a girl's voice came on the line.

«So, honey, as they say-get your legs ready, right? I'm on my way, right? And I found you a prestigious job.»

Lily laughed, shining bright and clear as the sun.

«Did you find me a job? Where?» Lily asked, interrupting him with questions, « I'm already working.»

«You mean that whore hole with syphilis? You deserve something better, don't you?» He finished and hung up.

Could he let her work in a hole? Never! She is beautiful and gifted, and she has to collect on her fingers the secretions of dirty whores in the form of «cottage cheese» from a neglected thrush. And not only in women, but also in the mouths of their offspring. He knew all this from her stories, terrible stories that made Thomas sick. And what then to work in such conditions? Tom was afraid to even think about it.But since he is her boyfriend, Beau, companion, and admirer, he must help her settle into this life. Although she only calls him her boyfriend.It was a joke, but they had been Dating for almost four months, and she was no longer a stranger to him, even her own. He was used to feeling her cool hands on his chest when he stopped shivering from the cold; to feeling her fingers buried in his hair; to hearing her laugh or just her voice going crazy with moans after passionate kisses; to thinking about how she got home and whether they gave her lunch during the break; to worrying about her older brothers hurting her when she spent the weekend at home, wanting to be alone. She accepted his faith almost without scandals and quarrels, without stupid ultimatums and threats. Lily let Thomas let her see the world through his eyes. She showed interest, showed a desire to follow the same path as he did, so everything he did, Shulman did only for her. He began to live for her.But all this is childish and snotty lyrics. What's left in the bottom line? That Thomas is a gangster, sells drugs, runs rackets, and kills people? Lily and Thomas are two opposites that can't attract, but still.An hour and a half later, Thomas stood in the doorway, waiting for Lily's footsteps .

«What the hell is she doing there?»

At last the door creaked open, and Thomas staggered back to see Lily's pale face, with tiny beads of sweat on her nose and forehead, blue lips, and sharp features. Her brown eyes were full of tears. Her silk robe was stained with scarlet, and her left leg was wrapped in a rag, which had a dark bloodstain that blurred before her eyes. When she saw him, she whimpered helplessly, her lower lip sticking out like a child whose candy has been taken away.

«Well, well, well,» said Tom, pulling the weak little body to him, which was trembling slightly and sobbing, «You cut yourself, didn't you? Am I not right?»

The next second, he grabbed her and carried her to the bathroom.

«Horror, it's like a pig was slaughtered here!» he said as he sat her down on the edge of the tub.

There was blood on the floor, on the sink, in the tub, and on the razor blade that now lay next to the drain. The bathroom smelled of iron and damp, which made the Jew feel slightly sick. The rag was soaking wet, and Thomas crouched down and bandaged her leg, remembering all the methods he had been taught during the war.

«Why did you take such a sharp blade, huh?» he asked, examining the shallow but successful cut, knowing that Lily would have to be taken to the hospital.

«I … I wanted to shave.»

His hands wrapped the cloth tighter so that the wound could be cleaned.

«Why, sun? For what?»

Her brown eyes lifted.

«I was getting ready,» she whispered.

«Preparing for what?»

«You said …» Lily would have blushed even more if it hadn't been for the blood loss. But the confusion in her eyes made up for it.

«Holy simplicity! You have so many brothers, have you never heard such expressions?» The girl shook her head.

Tom sighed and ran a hand over his good leg.

«Listen… my people, or rather, our people, Yes? Respects the commandments, you know? Rules that apply to bedding, «he assured her, still looking at the fabric that turned red as he tightened it,» You can't have sex with a man after taking gyur. This is necessary for the formation of the spirit, right?» Lily shook her head, making an unreadable, questioning face as she collected her new question, as if Thomas were a walking Jewish encyclopaedia.

«Isn't' this important to you?»

The Jew sighed again.

«This is important, but let's not equate love and passion, right? It's kind of a trap, isn't it? Love is the desire to support, hug, or tie the same leg, and passion is just the desire to possess, use, take, right?»

She nodded, and Tom lowered his hands, looking again into her brown eyes, the pupils of which reflected dark shadows.

«Let's wait out these stupid remaining two months and then we'll see, okay?»

Lily smiled, then hissed, and fresh blood spurted from the wound again.

«Let's go to the hospital and have a sweet tea on the way!» Tom picked her up and led her to the car, leaving his driver there to clean up and disappear.

Thomas looked at the pale face, the closed lids, and the long lashes. The red liquid was still soaking into the fabric like a sponge.

«For God's sake, has she decided to shave?» He asked himself, realizing how serious and scary she was about sex. A truly sensitive girl who will weigh the pros and cons a hundred times before leaving her childhood. Her disappointed face showed that she wanted to wait, couldn't wait any longer, and that infuriated her more than anything else in the world. Or was it just his imagination?

All these conversations, jokes, glances, touches, caresses, and kisses again and again decapitated Thomas. At the hospital where she will work, they stopped her blood, sewed up the wound and asked her to stay for a day under observation. The doctors whispered cautiously among themselves, eventually informing them that Lily's blood was not clotting well, and this situation could cause serious complications in the future.

«Will you stay with me?» the girl asked while lying in bed, to which Shulman shook his head.

«I have a hell of a lot to do. I'll come and take you home tomorrow, okay?»

Thomas went back to the bar and sat down heavily, sorting through several letters. One of them was from Ahmet, and Tom reluctantly opened the envelope, pulling out a yellowed piece of paper.

«What the hell is this papyrus?»

His eyes ran over the lines, assessing the handwriting and literacy from old habit. He accepted two invitations to the restaurant, surprised by Ozan's formality and sent mentality. Lily will be fine by Saturday, he thought as he dialled the phone number on the back.

The same evening

Tom dropped his glasses wearily, almost breaking them, and rubbed his sore eyes, knowing how bad he was. Things got even worse, although the profit remained the same. There was no sign of concern or joy until Isaac knocked on the door, leading a young girl in her twenties.

«What do you want here?» He asked, looking at the girl «I'm the only fucking person On this couch» – Tom pointed at the furniture.

«She's looking for a job,» Isaac finished, smiling and disappearing through the door.

Well, it was obvious that Thomas sometimes fucked young girls who then got a job with him and worked safely for several years, got married and had children. He became something of a friend or mentor to them.

«What's your name?» The Jew asked, looking at her short blond hair, grey eyes, and full lips.

«Claire,» she said softly, lowering her eyes.

«How old are you?»

«Twenty-one years old,» Claire assured him, walking over to the table.

A well-crafted script of a few sentences, and here she was, lying on the leather couch after her shift, naked, waiting for Tomas to take a SIP of alcohol. Wiry female body, skinny thighs and protruding breasts. Thomas yanked her up by her legs, pulled her closer to him, and knelt on the edge of the couch, slowly exposing her groin.

«Have you ever been to Germany?» He asked, defusing the situation with his favourite question, hearing only a whisper of «no» in his ear.

«Would you like to?» he asked, drawing the woman's attention away from the sensation with a short jerk.

After the first movement, he heard a scream, completely forgetting the patience and humility that Lily had told him about. Thomas forgot about rules and regulations, about honesty and loyalty, about love.Shulman didn't compare her to Lily, or even allow himself to think about it. It's just a release, just sex and a surge of emotions that needed to be put somewhere. Claire hadn't been his first in four months, and Lily didn't need to know. This will remain his little secret. Until then, until it becomes obvious. Yes, Tom was behaving like an animal, a hungry animal, tearing the unfortunate victim to pieces. How did he differ from the Turks now? All because after that, he was grateful for the trust.

The fact is that the girl was waiting for a job tomorrow and, consequently, the opportunity to earn money and live a normal life. Thomas pulled on his underwear, picked it up from the floor, and handed her a clean towel.

«You can go to work tomorrow. Isaac will give you equipment, a change of clothes, and an apron, « he said, watching the girl wipe his liquid from her thickly overgrown pubis in disgust.

«So if you have any questions or suggestions, you can feel free to contact me, right?»

Thomas tucked his shirt into his trousers and belted it.

«All right, Mr. Shulman,» Claire finished dutifully, throwing on her dress and searching for her panties on the couch while Tom rummaged in the closet.

«Under the table, baby,» he muttered, throwing his jacket over his shoulders.

Young, naive, stupid, and most often from poor families. So he gave her work, food, and shelter. A tenth of the women who work for Shulman became women with him and continue to work to this day, as if nothing had happened. This is a true Jewish benefit.

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