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Текст книги "Kian"

Автор книги: Tijan

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Текущая страница: 19 (всего у книги 19 страниц)

I have an entire team to thank for helping me with this book! Jovana, Debra Anastasia, Amanda, Pam, Paige, Kerri, Cami, Eileen, Celeste, Heather, Chris, and Kimberly! Thank you guys! You all read Kian and gave me so much feedback.

I also want to thank all the ladies in the Tijanette group! To the Tijanettes, your excitement and continued support in the group seriously help me! I don’t think you guys will ever know how much. Thank you! Last, I want to thank Elaine with Allusion Graphics. No matter what my question is, you seem to have the answer and are always there for me. I appreciate it so much!

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